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154                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

lation  of arts, sciences, books, tradition, and all
that ever knew anything.

Sir Sidney Smith was yesterday interrogated
by a judge.

December zoths 1796.

Lord Malmesbury, who will carry this letter,
received orders this morning to quit Paris in
forty-eight hours, as the terms he has offered
were contrary to the laws, constitution and
treaties of the Republic. He will set out to-
morrow. As yet I have not heard that I am
to follow him, although several people have taken
pains to represent me to the Directory as partici-
pating in his mission, and being an accredited
spy upon public opinion.

I am pestered with men and women that
offer their services for England, for Sir Sidney,
or for the devil knows who; but I have a visage
de bois for them all- I shut myself up still more
in my bandbox and attend to business as far as
I am able.

I am at THotel des Cannes, in a very large
salon, with half-a-dozen screens and a comfortable
bed-chamber. My secretary is also lodged mag-